Monday, March 1, 2010

" Cracking the myths about sex "

Entry kali ni aku nak story in english la ok? kasi the whole world tau pasal myth-myth about sex ni! especially for women out there.

  • A majority (82%) of women do not know how many openings a woman has down there!
  • Nearly (50%) of women believe that their breasts will grow bigger and bigger by men's touching

  • Nearly (30%) of women believe that their urine and menses flow through the same opening.
  • More than half of women fail to tell the exact position of their hymen, while some have the idea that only men have hy'mens', which is why they are named such that. moron!

  • One of the best myth, there are girls who believe that drinking pineapple juice or jumping up and down after having sex will help prevent unwanted pregnancy. gravity force!

  • Believe it or not, some women think that the way to tell whether a woman is a virgin is by looking at the size of her vagina. huh?

“ question: why do people have sex? A 14-year-old girl answered, “Sebab saya dah ketagih (Because I am addicted to it),” she said at the BodyLife IQ Forum 2010.

Sex education is important?

p/s: ini cuma education. pukan pornography. **do click nuff. thanks**


siapekah aku ? said...

Nearly (50%) of women believe that their breasts will grow bigger and bigger by men's touching

yang ni org pompuan selalu ckp...haishhh..xde kene mengena langsung !..hihiih

petisuara said...

errr..jgn la buat entry cani tym org kat lab..abius bdk2 lab aku tejojol tgk..hahahah

Carl Samsudin said...

haahahaha!!! kasi format otak sikit pagi2 isnin ni!!!!

hentakbelipat said...

action hentak belipat pnye tak tunjuk ke..hahahahaha

Carl Samsudin said...

malu.. kang kantoi! hahaha!

kluxorious said...

so? how many openings does a woman has?

entry ni tak adil. what about men?

Carl Samsudin said...


cari sendiri..

next entry carl cuba try lelaki pulak ok!

Epul Azimi said...

Pengetahuan terbaru nie...:)

Carl Samsudin said...

bgus untuk epul nie.

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