Friday, February 12, 2010

" Happy Chinese New Year "

Gong xi fa chai!! to all my chinese friends. enjoy your days that full of happiness. especially to my labmate. ng kui on. please dont forget to bring your limau cina and ang pau to our lab. we will enjoy eating that limau cina while doing our sucks master project!

To all JOHOrean, enjoy your holiday. 4 days free. plan your holiday properly. and to Ed and friends. i hate you all very-very damn stupid much. do enjoy your "penyabong" thing. i hope that you all get diarrhea while enjoying your bbq and all craps thinggy! wtf! i still hate you all!
again! Happy chinese new year. tong tong tong cheng!!

year of tiger!

p/s: sorry if 2 or 3 days lepas ni aku tak masuk kan entry baru. aku balik kuantan. enjoying holiday disana! see you again my viewers! adios!!

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