Wednesday, March 17, 2010

" Ferrari World Theme park "

Bagi peminat-peminat setia formula one mesti teruja dengan apa yang aku nak paparkan dekat bawah ni. terutama bagi peminat fanatik ferrari. world largest theme park akan siap dibina di abu dhabi. Ferrari World Theme Park. theme park ni memang betol-betol depan litar!

"The star ride at Ferrari World will be the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Travelling at speeds “in excess of 200 km/h”, one doesn’t need to be in Alonso’s car to feel extreme G-force and wind on the face at 200 km/h. Passengers can expect to be launched over 62 m through the roof and back down again to replicate the F1 G-force experience. Another rollercoaster ride is the GT Racing Coaster which will have two “competing” cars racing along parallel tracks to the “finish line”." - petikan yang aku curi somewhere! jom layang gambar yang pasti akan menterujakan anda!! lets abu dhabi!

p/s: thanks alot to sheril!! jom sheril pegi ngok formula one!!

1 comment:

Nur Su'aidah Bachok said...

wahhhhh...saya sgt suka ini okay !!!
plz plz plz.. ferrari..

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